Interior Design Trends For 2023

17th January 2023

Interior Design Trends For 2023 As the year draws to a close, we can look back on 2022 and its iconic trends – old and new – that influenced our home styles over this eventful year. In 2023, we expect to see some new colours, textures, materials and even new moods. Whether your home is ready for a modern spruce up or a vintage revamp, here are some of our favourite interior design trends to look out for in 2023.

Soft corners and curves

Although straight lines and clean-cut edges aren’t going anywhere any time soon, it appears that since 2021, home interiors have been making more room for curves. To add a stark contrast to the sleek modern design, curved arches and rounded furniture offer a slightly more playful look, without compromising on modernity. Arched doorways, recessed shelves and sweeping curves around the home also create interesting shapes and dimensions that enhance the space without overcrowding it.


Minimalism is simply here to stay. However, it remains one of the most dynamic trends, despite its obvious boundaries. Going into 2023, we expect to see interior designers take a more organised approach, with fewer belongings on display and better, more organised storage solutions. With more people working from home than ever, a tidy and simple space to relax the mind will only become more attractive over the years to come.

Greenery remains rooted in trendy design

Moving the outdoors inside is a trend that will continue to grow. With sustainability becoming a major concern across generations, homes full of leafy green plants are certain to follow suit. Last year also saw a rise in nature-inspired paint colours, such as earth tones, soft greens and blues that are calming and pleasing to the eye.

Warm colour palettes

Warm colour palettes are making a comeback after a bit of a lull since the 70s. These deep, earthy tones mixed with soft and bright shades are indicative of simpler times and are also popular amongst young people who may be experiencing second-hand nostalgia.

Colourful décor

Although minimalist styles are growing in mainstream popularity; where there are minimalists, you will find maximalists in equal numbers. Loud statement colours will naturally make a welcomed return to homes as people look to embellish their stripped-back, modern styles with something personal and eye-catching. Fun and mood-boosting pops of colour make for a cheerful space, and using furniture allows you to saturate your home in the shades you love without needing to paint the walls.

Opulent moods

Although many will be drawn towards rich, vibrant colours and their sensory textures, a lot of people will be focusing their colour schemes around jewel tones. The romantic paint colours, textures and shapes tap into a uniquely soft and glamorous style of home.

Heritage tiles

Whether they are reclaimed or vintage-inspired, the classic patterned aesthetic has become more popular than ever. By incorporating the most classic qualities of historical interior design with touches of modern influences, a home can withstand the test of time while also never going out of style.

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